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#jackthestickcollector investigating some "mysterious foot tracks." A boy & his #Airstream #liveriveted The salt in the water helps create these deeply-eroded edges along the shoreline. A photo he'll actually pose for. #instagrammerdown #deadstagram Walker Lake. You can't see it here, but looking closely in the water reveals trillions of alkali fly larvae. They are constantly swarming, making the otherwise-still water come alive with motion. It's kinda gross. King of his own mountain. #jackthestickcollector Tufa: 0, Jack: 1 Super speed mode out to Mono Lake. Walker Lake, NV. At the top, we had this sci-fi scape all to ourselves. The most memorable hiking moments for me are the ones when it feels likes we're on another planet & nobody else is around for miles. This was absolutely one of those moments. Look closely & you can see Mono Lake peeking through in the distance. Seconds later he was off & running to eat all the snow. A placid Walker Lake in western Nevada. This beautiful lake is dying a rapid death. In the past 120 years, the lake's water level has fallen over 145 feet! The decrease in water has propelled the concentration of dissolved solids to toxic levels where only a few of the native fish can survive. Nearby Hawthorne, NV has had to cancel its annual Loon Festival because migrating loons no longer make a stopover at the meal-less lake. Jack's academy award worthy dramatic collapse after reaching the top. #neverstopexploring My dronie video made it on @jkottke's website today (decade-long dream come true!) but my greatest achievement of the day was getting us out of this mess without calling for help. 
It took two hours, but we're back on the road. But to where? #spoiledrottenshovel #jackthestickcollector exploring the tufts of Mono Lake. Hiking for Jack is just walking from one natural playground to the next. Nevada doesn't get enough credit for its scenery. This is Walker Lake near Hawthorne, with dirt-cheap dry camping all along its shoreline. We had a perfectly clear night here to watch the lunar eclipse and blood moon reflected off the glassy water. #1337stream Favorite kind of playground. And now for something completely different…

Inspired by @superamit's epic aerial selfie (or #dronie as @alexdao and @jkottke suggest), I'm breaking my iPhone-only rule to share an aerial selfie of the Works family and #1337stream in our current campsite at Pelican Beach on Pyramid Lake in western Nevada.

This was fun, and seems like an interesting and unique way to capture a different perspective of the places we visit and camp (i.e. live). And I don't really mind breaking my iPhone-only rule in this case, since there's not much of a substitute for the #GoPro here. If you'll allow it, I hope to share more videos from my #Phantom2 drone in the future. 🎶 "Water Fountain" by tUnE-yArDs. While he wasn't at all interested in hiking on his Hawaiian vacation, Jack seemed to be back in the swing of things yesterday. It was his idea to get out & hike & he hardly slacked behind at all. When we finally reached the top (having no intentions of doing so because it never crossed our minds as possible from below) Josh & I turned to each other & both said "I can't believe he did that so easily!" Jack said, "Are we going on a hike today?" And I said "I don't know, do you want to?" And he said "Of course. As long as it's a short one" and then we climbed to the very top of a very tall and very steep crater and he loved the whole thing. It's not always like this, but when it is, it's amazing. I wish there was such a thing as a smellagram because these Jeffrey pines smelled sooooooooo good. The road to South Tufa, CA-120. Tufa. And a plane headed to San Francisco.

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Cox Bros BBQ, Manhattan, KS

We're currently exploring Kansas. So far we've spent 26 days & nights in Kansas out of our 635 days on the road. That's just a measley 4% of our time since we started traveling.

We've driven 75,859 miles through 46 states. Not too shabby. Our major goal, though, is to visit all of the United States' National Parks. So far we've seen 26 of the 58. Getting closer.

For detailed statistics on all manners of things related to our travels, check out our Stats page. (Coming Soon!)